Revenue Assurance

Analysis service focused on leakage detection and system auditing for retail banking.

– Finding diluted revenues through income leakage from:

  • System errors. Deficiencies in current system routines
  • Process improvement. Optimization of calculation systems
  • Best practices from our increasing experience

– Complete Analysis at a transactional level, applying data analytics methodology and tools developed by ARGOZ
– Proposing Quick Wins which do not involve T&C’s revision
– Execution period of 12 weeks

Leakage detection

Allowing financial entities reach the full potential of their portfolio.

– System error generated leakage detection and correction through transactional database analysis
– Revision of internal processes and controls

Revenue Audits

Assuring correct accounting and reporting of revenue streams.

– Revenue reporting accuracy audit through data consistency analysis
– Correct accounting of the retail banking products

Revenue Strategies

Consultancy service focused on growth and profitability tailored for retail banking products.

– Designing strategies based on conclusions on crossed databases analysis
– Optimizing risk exposure level and profitability
– Improved development of new financial products design through transactional data based segmentation
– Midterm roadmap: Improved analytics for strategic planning

Acquisition Strategies

Improving performance

– Approval rate enhancement
– Risk mitigation
– Channels optimization

Stimulation Strategies

Encouraging growth

– Utilization, Revolving & Balance growth
– Activation stimulation
– Commercial policies optimization analysis

Mitigation Strategies

Risk Management

– Credit loses mitigation
– Retention optimization
– Customer satisfaction improvement


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